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Mdm Lim Kwee Lan (extreme right) and her son Oh Boon Keng (extreme left), both HCA patients.

Mdm Lim Kwee Lan was a full-time caregiver for her son, Oh Boon Keng, who was born with muscular dystrophy, for over three decades. With the support of the HCA Star PALS (Paediatric Advanced Life Support) medical team, Mdm Lim tirelessly cared for Boon Keng at home, ensuring that he received the necessary medical care and emotional support for his condition. She used to wake up several times each night, to turn his body and adjust his limbs, to prevent bedsores.

Last year, Mdm Lim herself was diagnosed with end-stage cancer and was also referred to HCA to receive home hospice care. The transition from being a caregiver to a patient was fraught with challenges, but she was determined to undergo every treatment possible, to buy more time with Boon Keng and his sister. With two seriously ill patients in the family, Mdm Lim is grateful that they do not have to pay a cent to receive services and care from HCA, thanks to the generosity of donors and former caregivers who have paid it forward.

Melissa Quek, former HCA Caregiver

Back in 2012 when her grandmother was referred to HCA, Melissa Quek was determined to roll up her sleeves and be the main caregiver to her grandmother, whose wish was to spend her last days at home. With no prior caregiving experience, Melissa was at a lost, so she was relieved when the HCA team visited them at home to extend their support.

“My primary nurse and the doctors at HCA really guided me when I wasn’t sure what to do, or how to react to the difficult situations that arose,” shared Melissa. Six years later, when her father was diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, Melissa could trust herself to assume the role of his caregiver, having the experience of caring for her grandmother previously.

Throughout her caregiving journey, Melissa constantly received reassurance and guidance from the HCA medical team. This helped establish good rapport and a reliable support system between the team and Melissa, which allowed her to care for her loved ones with confidence and ease.

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